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Model : BT400

                                                    Welded  Metal  Bellows

                   The BT400 seal is specifically designed for the most demanding of High and Low temperature services as well

                        The stationary configuration, in which the flexible bellows element is fixed into the equipment casing, eliminates  damaging  "swashing"  motion  due to  casing  distortion  or  shaft  deflection.  It also insulates  the  flexible  element  from  direct  shaft  vibration  and  promotes  more positive sealing while significantly extending seal life .                                                              

                        The core of the seal is an edge welded bellows unit with a design proven over more than 20 years experience in  many  tens of  thousands  of  applications  to  give  many  years  of  trouble  free  service. 

                       The bellows is precision manufactured in Inconel 718 material and is subject to the very

highest levels of quality control to ensure consistent and reliable operating performance.

                       The pressure capability of the standard BT400 can be increased through the use of a double ply (laminated bellows plates) version. This design allows a low spring rate, providing face loads close  to initial design values, as face wear occurs or shaft expansion reduces operating lengths.


                                       Face Material    Stationary Side : Carbon or SIC    Rotary Side : SIC

                                        Metal Components  INCONEL 718 Bellows with Alloy 42 Retainer 

                           SUS 316 for other Metal Parts

                                         Packing : Grafoil

                                         Performance Capabilities


     Pressure: Single ply         : Vacuum to 2 MPa (20kgf/cm2G, 285 psi)

     Pressure: Double ply       : Vacuum to 3.5MPa (35kgf/cm2G, 498 psi)

     Temperature                      : -240°C to 425°C (-400°F to 800°F)

     Shaft Speed                        : to 50 m/s

     Viscosity                              : to 1 Pa·s (1000cP)




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