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Model : BT600

                       Welded  Metal  Bellows

 The BT600 Series is a dimensionally interchangeable range of rotating, edge welded metal bellows seals developed using the most advanced design and manufacturing technology available.

A wide variety of material options are available making  the seals applicable to general purpose process pumps in oil refining , chemical , petrochemical , steel mills , pulp and paper , indeed anywhere there is a need for secure, economical sealing.


Specific Features of the BT600 Series

       High performance, state of the art edge welded metal bellows seal. Utilising optimised bellows

        shape for great estflexibility and maximum life.

       No dynamic O-rings or other sliding parts to "hang-up" or damage the shaft or sleeve. No

        seal  "hang-up".

      No friction between flexible element and shaft provides excellent face tracking and low

        leakage  characteristics.


     Face Material

               MBXX0  : CARBON

               MBXX1  : SIC

              Metal Components

               WB620   : INCONEL 625 Bellows with Alloy 20

               WB630   : HASTELLOY C

    Performance Capabilities

        Pressure            :  Vacuum to 2 MPa (20kgf/cm2G, 285 psi)

              Temperature   : -75°C to 200°C(-100°F to 400°F)

              Shaft Speed     :  to 25 m/s

              Viscosity            :  to 1 Pa·s(1000cP)




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