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Model : BT240

                The BT240 is a compact, cartridge mounted seal The seal is designed to handle a wide variety of applications and is easily installed, without modification, in most standard pumps designed to ISO3069  and  Din 24960.


                      Specific Features of  BT240

                              Stationary mounted seal, no shaft or sleeve wear, flexible components isolated from shaft 

                                   vibration and the effects of shaft  deflection.

                              Springs on atmospheric side of the seal, no clogging of spring pockets by particulates in


                              Flush, Quench and drain connections as standard.

                              PTFE Quench restrictor seal to minimize quench leakage.

                              Slotted gland plate accommodates varying bolt circle diameters.

                              Simple fitting procedure, ideal for packing replacement


                 Face Material  CT240  :  SIC x Carbon

                 Metal Components: SUS 316

                 O-RING: FKM

                 Performance Capabilities                 


                            Pressure                       :  Vacuum to 1.6MPa (16kgf/cm2G)                                     

                           Temperature              :  -20°C to 160°C (-4°F to 320°F)

                           Shaft Speed                :  to 20m/s                                     

                           Viscosity                      :  CT240  : to 0.5Pa·s (500cp)                                     

                           Slurry Content         :  CT240  : to 0.5wt%


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