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Model : BT300

            The BT300  is a compact, rotating, multi-spring, unbalanced O-ring mounted seal for general

purpose  application. Throughout its pressure range the seal provides a  secure and economical solution

to a wide range of  sealing duties in process pumps and similar equipment.


Specific Features of  BT300

   Compact axial and radial dimensions.

   Simple construction

   The rotating seal face drive mechanism    provides excellent torque transmission.

   Narrow seal face design, in high performance materials, provides excellent sealing performance and 

      extended seal life.

   Can be installed in ISO3069 and  DIN24960-1976 standard pumps without seal chamber modification.

   Can be provided as an engineered cartridge construction in single, double or tandem arrangements  with a  

      complete range of auxiliary sealing devices and  seal support systems.


        Face Material: Carbon

        Metal Components: SUS 316

        O-RING: FKM

        Performance Capabilities


Pressure : Vacuum to 1.2 MPa (12kgf/cm2G)

Temperature : -20°C to 200°C (-4°F to 392°F)

Shaft Speed : to 20 m/s

Viscosity : to 500mPa·s (500cP)

Slurry Content: to 0.5 wt%




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