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Model : BT700

               BT700 series seals are robustly designed for industrial  process pump application in the Chemical, Petrochemical  and allied industries, can be installed in ISO 3069 and DIN24960-1976.

                   Springs are located on the atom spherical side of the seal and are therefore not subject to clogging by particulates in the media being pumped.

                    Narrow seal faces are a feature of all KW seal designs and minimize seal face temperatures as well as allowing the seals to operate in media close to their boiling points.

                   The stationary mounted flexible element is optimized using the latest computerized design techniques to ensure minimum leak age and maximum operating life.

                   The unitized construction allows the seal to be used in a wide variety of configurations and is especially suited to conversion of existing installations.


*                                                               Face Material: SIC x Carbon

                                                                     Metal Components: SUS 316

                                                                    O-RING: FKM

                                                                    Performance Capabilities


                                                  Pressure                 :    to 3.5M Pa (35kgf/cm2G, 498 psi)

                                                  Temperature       :    to 160°C (320°F)

                                                  Shaft Speed         :    to 30 m/sec

                                                  Viscosity                :    to 0.5 Pa·s (500cP)

                                                  Slurry                     :    to 0.5 wt%





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