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Model : BT777

                The BT777  is a compactly designed stationary mounted seal for application in heavy-duty process pumps.  Specifically designed for use in poor  lubricating media, the  BT777  is a high performance seal with the following features


                         Seal faces designed by FEM for optimum face presentation.

                                     Distributed flush flow providing best possible cooling and de-gassing performance.

                         Stationary design isolates flexible element from shaft deflection or vibration.

                         Angled set screw configuration of rotary collar prevents angular misalignment of rotary seat.

                         Eliminates face "swashing".

                         Narrow face design reduces interface temperatures and allows seal operation at low margins   

                            over vapour pressure.

                         Unitised construction eases installation and simplifies conversion from other seal designs.


                      The BT777  is  ideal  for a wide variety of process applications, particularly those more difficult duties  where safe, secure sealing is the first consideration.

                      Available in a range of materials and seal configurations, the  BT 777  will  give  long, trouble-free  operating life, reducing equipment downtime and maintenance cost.


                                   Face Material  Stationary Side: Carbon (or Special SIC)  Rotary Side: SIC

                                   Metal Components: SUS 316

                                  O-RING: FKM

                                 Performance Capabilities 


                  Pressure  Product Seal : Vacuum to 6 MPa  (60kgf/cm2G, 853 psi) 

                  Temperature : -40°C to 200°C (-22°F to 392°F)

                          Shaft Speed  : to 50 m/s


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