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Model : BT150

             A rotating outside mount seal  with  many  successful operation records  in  corrosive fluid such as strong  acid  and   alkali  group.  It  is  applicable  for all  kinds of chemical pumps and demonstrate high performance and good durability.


Specific Features of  BT150

    Super corrosion resistance.The parts being exposed to fluid are non-metallic design. Seal  face material and O-ring material are of excellent corrosion  resistance, and parts not being exposed to fluid are also of  high corrosion resistant metal.

    Low heat generation design achieved  by narrow face.  With this features, no quenching arrangement is possible subject to operating condition.

    Springs and pins are located at atmospheric side and O-ring design is adopted. Therefore,  it is applicable to slurry or crystalline fluid or middle range pressure condition.


                                                Face Material: SIC x Carbon

                                                Metal Components: SUS 316

                                                O-RING: FKM or FFKM

                                                Performance Capabilities


         Pressure                 :   Vacuum to 1 MPa (10kgf/cm2G)

         Temperature       :   -20°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F)

         Shaft Speed         :    to 20 m/s

         Viscosity               :    to 500 mPa·s (500cP)

         Slurry Content  :    to 0.3 wt%



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