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PURE PTFE Braided Packing

Series KW-BP2300   PURE  PTFE  Braided  Packing                        

Description : Pure PTFE braided packing is made from 100% PTFE yarn. It is applied in a wide range of expansion joints, valves, pumps, and chemical compounds in food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper industries  where  high  purity  and  corrosion  resistance  are  required. It resists attacks from almost  all chemical compounds (except cast alkaline metals and gaseous fluorine) and is used in alternative and rotary motion shafts operating at low peripheral speed, rods, piston valve stems, and expansion joints.

Specification : 3 x 3 mm. – 50 x 50 mm.

PH range             0-14

Temperature      -200C ~ 280C

 Liner Speed       0-20 m/s

 Pressure              2-15 Mpa


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